nudity and more food

Bushwick Open Studios. This past Saturday, over at Marta’s apartment, she, Jenn, and I made some dinner (I actually can’t remember the name of the dish, but it had pretty incredible sausage, garlic, lime, capers, and noodles in it) over in Bushwick prior to heading over to double-fist PBRs at the art collective known as 3rd Ward. Then we found this gathering of people on a different industrial street, watching a fire-thrower, who was tossing fire around (well, that was a little redundant on my part) with a bunch of people playing gypsy-inspired music with accordions. Next we were all herded into a huge warehouse where the music continued, and a bizarre circus-like show began. Complete with jugglers, burlesque dancers, magicians, contortionists, drinking, and ending with lots of nudity. Only in Brooklyn. The crowd loved it.

Memorial Day Weekend. I found myself in a rented white Chrysler Town and Country (a far cry from the Escalade with rims that we were dreaming of) with five other designers headed upstate to the Catskills, specifically to a rural town called Accord, NY. The crew consisted of Jenn, Angie, Chris, Pamela, Marta, and myself… we attached the Ice Caves, swam in a scummy mountain pond, got in some ping pong action, watched the Last House on the Left again, cooked over a campfire, rocked out to a little Brit Pop, caught up on sleep, killed about four hundred seventy-five mosquitoes, ate some great cheeses (haha, SO white), drank a whole lot of liquor, went to some antique-heavy lawn sales, saw deer and chipmunks… all while saying at this amazing guest mountain house owned by two NYC professors. My first time in New York outside of the boroughs was a great success. Here’s a shot of your’s truly.

• Me: “Where were you the day hip hop died?”
Taj: [no answer]

• Just yesterday I just got an email from Leticia calling me out for being seen walking around Park Slope on Sunday. She’s right, I’m not even supposed to be doing the boroughs, you know? Gotta keep it Lower. Thanks for the music. (Allegedly, in reference to an email from someone else, due to hanging out with a certain girl a lot, my Lower cred may turn into Brooklyn cred, however, I’m not so sure I’m even trying to go out like that yet, ya know?)

• Speaking of Leticia, also ran into her when I was with Kathleen over at the crazy-packed Whole Foods up at Union for lunch. Small town we live in. Big ups to The New School as well.

• Last night I took a stroll over to the West Village with Big Joseph to grab some beer and fish and chips over at A Salt and Battery. Top notch. It was relatively early so we scored some stools in the tiny restaurant. I already wanna go back.

• Tonight I saw one of the tightest pieces I’ve seen in a while — just two blocks from my house, on the side of a storage trailer attached to a public school, here in the Lower. It was in the insect-like Brazilian style with fine lines and lots of definition. It looked like an old lady, super stylized, and I think just black and white — though it definitely seemed to be paint instead of a wheat-paste. While I was checking it out, a monstrously large rat jumped out in front of an older Asian lady and she started yelling “Szo! Szo! Szo!” so try to scare it off so she could walk by.

• Sure, the cook gets mad when you order food, causing him to have to stop shooting pool in the basement, and sure the bartender gives off midtown vibes (well, until you ask her about the Vice Guide to Travel), but Bar Reis over in Park Slope is actually pretty decent. Depending on which types of tacos the chef feels like making, and depending on being able to score a table in the cozy back patio, it can be a pretty great dining (and drinking) experience. (Thanks for dinner, Jenn.)

• There were questions of guest writers for “Adventures in New York,” and I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. If you send things my way and they seem relevant, we’ll go from there.

• The Gowanus Canal. Jenn and I tried to get a few shots of New York’s most polluted body of water on Sunday. Here’s a shot that shows how clean the water tends to be. Here’s a shot from one of the low bridges. Here’s a shot of my shoes.

• Oh, and Val — those TXTs? Keep ’em coming.

•Alright, given the risk of this thing slowly turning into some sort of food blog with the occasional mention of the NYC indie rock scene, I’m gonna only mention briefly some other restaurants I hit up recently, so as to avoid full-on reviews. (side note: so when I went with my family to Florida when I was in middle school or so, I kept a week-long journal, for the purposes of remembering what happened that week. Turns out, all I did was describe what we ate each meal, each day. Fair enough.) Anyway, so yah, recently I went to these places: Cocotte (stunning food at this French brunch place in Brooklyn, HIGHLY recommended), Caracas Arepa Bar (super small seating area, comparable to Panna II in terms of space, but incredible fried plantain and aged cheese appetizer), Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches (recommended to take to Tompkins Square Park to people watch while eating), and UVA (in the Upper East, this Italian place has a great wine selection, young crowd, and an outdoor patio).