the kid that made that deserves that maybach

• Its fascinating how these tiny stores that sell random stuff can survive in pockets of the city. I mean, there are ridiculous amounts of specialty stores – a tiny store that only sells futons, another store that just sells trips to Greece, these tiny “discount” stores that sell odds and ends… I was told by a shopkeeper that he did in fact have more of a particular type of plastic storage box, but that it was down in the basement and he could get it for me tomorrow, hahaha.

Afghani food is kinda similar to Indian food. I suppose it’s a mix of Indian and Mediterranean (Lebanese or Greek…). I had Lamb Shing, I believe – pretty good stuff.

• The nicest car I’ve spotted in this area of town has been a black convertible Viper – but that’s nothing compared to the Maybachs that can be seen in Manhattan (maybe the most expensive automobiles I’ve seen in person?).