dave eggers might be the man

• So, all those 2A batteries you see in the tracks at each stop (well, the underground stations), yah, you know the ones I’m talking about. “Why are they down there, and in such numbers, ZiP?” Well, I’m glad you asked. My hypothesis is that since batteries are supposed to be disposed of in a special manner, when they clean up the trash around there, it would cost more money and/or be illegal to toss all the batteries in with the normal garbage, therefore, they have to just kinda lie in the exhaust-ridden filth that provides the home to many a subway rodent.

• So the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company actually lives up to its name – it sells superhero supplies – such as grappling hooks, wall-climbing suction cups, capes, masks… yah, I know, sounds ridiculous, but its just the pseudo-storefront for the Dave Eggers 826NYC nonprofit project that helps kids read and write (the San Fran location is a pirate supply store). The kids go into a secret door by moving a large shelf, and then they’re in the back area where they learn and stuff.

• Also: checked out the Arts and Design Museum near MoMa, (on “Pay-What-You-Want” day) with Ginny – and was rejected from the Jewish Museum (on account of it closing early). Good times though, over in the city.

• Also: went to lunch at a British restaurant called “Chip Shop” (with authentic British waitstaff) down in Park Slope, Brooklyn with Ray. Good times – Stilton cheese, though, is a bit strong.

• Now, I think there’s something significant about being able to hear a Peruvian flute player (he may or may not have been Peruvian, but the instrument he was playing is that flute thing that most people associate with Peru) on the N train. I mean, this guy, who had a Peruvian flute plus some other string instrument was playing like some freakin’ “welcome to the outskirts of Lima” joint – ya know what I’m sayin’? The ubiquitous Gypsies in the London Tube system that roam from traincar to traincar playing worn-out accordions don’t have anything on this guy. Good stuff.

• Overheard on the F Train, by a tired, older black guy with a ponytail: “She might as well walk around in just a pair of panties – its the same thing!”

• And, for some reason I love the fact that I’ve only gotta walk a few blocks before seeing some joints on DVD that haven’t even hit theatres yet – on the sidewalk. Quality.